Help or Hindrance?

The Sullivan Principles in Apartheid South Africa

World Premiere
SA Premiere

Availability &
Screening Time:

500 tickets
Thu 27 Aug/ 6pm + Q&A @ 7pm


Sharon Farr & Lee Otten


South Africa



Running Time:

52 min



Between 1977 and 1994, more than 125 US companies committed to eradicating apartheid in their South African operations and working towards dismantling the oppressive system. Signing on to the Sullivan Principles was a bold step for big business in America and a massive mindset shift for white managers tasked with implementing equality in the workplace and social upliftment in communities. But their efforts were at odds with the ANC in exile’s call for sanctions and with much of the divestment movement in the US. Candid interviews with signatory executives, political analysts and legendary activists bring to life the complexities of this untold story which straddles both sides of the Atlantic.

Please enjoy the recording of our Q&A with the Director. You can find it on our YouTube channel, or embedded below.
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